Small Pets

All the pet food you need for your rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters

Harvest Animal Feeds Ltd stocks a huge range of bedding and feed for all your small pets.

From specialist hamster feed to supplementary feed for your rabbit, we have everything you need to help your children keep their small pets happy.

If you are looking for a new hutch for the guinea pigs, a run for the rabbits or a wheel to keep the hamster in shape, visit Harvest Animal Feeds Ltd in Heys Lane, Darwen

We stock:

  • Rabbit food
  • Hamster and Guinea Pig food
  • Bedding for small pets
  • Hutches, runs and cages
  • Hamster wheels and other accessories
  • Water bottles and feed bowls
  • Treats
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Encourage the birds into your garden

If you enjoy watching our native species of birds, we stock plenty of wild bird feed including peanuts, sunflower hearts and special mixes and for your domestic birds we stock a wide range of seeds and millet etc.

Harvest Animal Feeds Ltd also stock feed and accessories for cats and dogs and can deliver livestock feed for cows, pigs and horses.

For advice on the best food for your small pets call
01254 917 239